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Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

The Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at Cole Neuroscience Center offers innovative, compassionate care for people with multiple sclerosis, including treatment of acute relapses and symptom management.

At Cole Neuroscience Center, our specialists provide collaborative, patient-focused multiple sclerosis care. Our multidisciplinary teams are dedicated to the diagnosis and management of multiple sclerosis and its diverse complications. The Multiple Sclerosis Clinic team at the Cole Neuroscience Center is made up a neurologist, advanced registered nurse practitioner, a registered nurse and a social worker.

The Multiple Sclerosis Clinic team works closely and collaborates with other specialists, who may be called upon to provide specialized care for individual patients’ needs.

Our comprehensive team provides the patient and family with educational materials of clinical issues and treatment recommendations. The team works with the patient and family to help them understand the situation and encourages them to participate in the development of a management plan.

Call the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic today for more information or to refer a patient. Please contact: 865-305-6740.

Multiple Sclerosis Clinic Services

Whether you have come to us seeking a diagnosis, a leading treatment or a path forward for Multiple Sclerosis, Cole Neuroscience Center will provide you or your loved one with advanced, compassionate and competent care.

There is no known cure for MS, but research shows that treatment can help slow the progression of MS, especially if it is started early on. The goal of MS treatments is to control the symptoms and maintain a better quality of life. Treatment may include various medications, immune modulators, steroids and various therapies such as physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and support groups.

A comprehensive evaluation can establish an accurate diagnosis early in the clinical course, which may allow you or your loved one to better manage the onset of major symptoms. Diagnosis is made by ruling out other conditions. You may need to undergo a complete medical history, nervous system function tests and diagnostic tests such as MRI.

For more information about the MS Clinic, call 865.305.6740.

Learn more about the Multiple Sclerosis Support Group at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. For additional resources, visit MS Connection