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A DISIDA scan is performed to visualize the gall bladder filling and emptying. Patients with pain in the right upper quadrant of the belly and/or nausea may receive a DISIDA scan to evaluate the gall bladder.

Your Medical Test

The patient receives an injection of Kinevac to help the gall bladder contract, followed by an injection of 99m-Technetium-DISIDA in a vein in the arm. Images are obtained for one hour.

Technetium-99 is a widely-used isotope in Nuclear Medicine. It has a short half-life (6 hours) so that the material soon leaves body tissues. The technetium is attached to a pharmaceutical agent (DISIDA) that permits visualizing of the gall bladder. No allergic reactions are experienced with this test.

Images from a normal hepatobiliary scan showing liver (early), the gall bladder filling (dark area) and the tracer emptying into the small bowel.

How to Prepare for a DISIDA Scan

  • You should continue to take any regularly prescribed medications.
  • Your should wear comfortable clothes for the procedure. The technologist will need to be able to inject the isotope in a vein at the elbow.
  • The exam will take about two hours.

How to Schedule a DISIDA Scan

Your doctor will schedule the DISIDA Scan, then notify you of your appointment time. If you wish to change the appointment, please call Central Scheduling (305-8080) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions about the procedure, please call Nuclear Medicine (305-9070).

When and Where Should I Go?

  1. You should arrive at Patient Registration at UT Medical Center at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled scan.
  2. Take the UT Medical Center exit off Alcoa Highway.
  3. Follow the entrance ramp, which will end at the medical center entrance.
  4. Follow the overhead sign for Hospital Patients, and turn on the third road on the right (leads to Circle Drive).
  5. Park in the MRI Parking Lot. Enter the hospital at the entrance marked Main Entrance on the front circle.
  6. To drop off a patient, follow the circular drive to the Main Entrance.
  7. Patient Registration is located in the Main Entrance lobby, across from the Information Desk.

After registering, you will proceed to Nuclear Medicine and notify the receptionist of your arrival.

When Will I Receive the Test Results?

Images are reviewed by a doctor at the end of the day. When the scans have been viewed, a report is prepared within 48 hours. Your physician may receive a faxed interim report immediately after the images have been viewed. Once your doctor has reviewed the report, your doctor will inform you of the test results.

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