Who is a volunteer? Look in the mirror and you will see a potential UT Medical Center volunteer. Whether you are a teenager or a retiree; homemaker, student or business person; male or female—UT Medical Center needs you to volunteer your time!

At UT Medical Center, we depend on our volunteers!  Each month, volunteers serve as an extension of the UT Medical Center's professional staff by providing support services in many ways. Through working in the UT Medical Center Volunteer Program, you can go home knowing you have made a difference in someone's day with a kind word, smile, action or simply by your presence. In the true sense of volunteerism, members of our program derive great personal satisfaction from knowing they have made a difference at the hospital. Become a Volunteer Today and make a difference in the medical center, the community and in your life.

What Do We Do?

Lifting the spirits of UT Medical Center patients is what the volunteer program is all about. Many of our men, women, and students unselfishly donate their time, talents, love and attention to our patients and their families. Volunteers are involved in such activities as delivering flowers, mail and gifts. Volunteers visit regularly with refreshments, reading materials, a cheerful smile and a comforting word. Hospital volunteers also provide a valuable source of information for the patients' families and friends and are especially important when serving as a liaison during crucial times. 

Volunteers provide the following:

  • Bright, cheerful countenances and encouragement;
  • Delivery of fresh cut flowers, mail and cards to the patient rooms;
  • Assistance to various departments and offices.

Who We Are

Since 1962, UT Medical Center has enjoyed the services of the Volunteers who have donated well over 650,000 hours. We offer both patient contact services and non-patient care areas of service. Our goal is to match your talents and interests with the needs of the Medical Center. The hospital gift shop opened in 1972. It has become a major fundraising activity of the volunteers.  Proceeds from the gift shop, along with the other fund-raising efforts, provide equipment and financial assistance to various departments. Volunteer Services coordinates the activities of three main groups of volunteers: The Auxiliary, Independent Volunteers, and the Junior Volunteers.

Please contact the Department of Volunteer Services at 865-305-9515 or UTMCVolunteer@utmck.edu for more information about volunteering at UT Medical Center.