Fall 2013 - 11
Our board-certified chaplains,
through the Association of
Professional Chaplains, help
individuals identify and draw
upon their own sources of inner
strength to find meaning and
comfort. Each day chaplains
focus on patient and family
needs within the context of
the healthcare team.
Chaplain residents meet with their supervisor, Randy Shoun to reflect on
the day’s clinical experiences. Each day begins with morning prayer in
the Absher Chapel, followed by a debriefing meeting led by the on-call
chaplain to discuss the previous evening’s events and plan follow-up visits.
Chaplain George Doebler checks his pager after receiving a
message from the intensive care unit. The on-call chaplain
responds to all traumas, critical codes and other requests
hospital-wide 24/7.
A lighthearted moment with a
cancer patient while she receives
her chemo infusion. Chaplains are
available as companions on the
journey through cancer treatment.
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Department at The University of
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