Dear Alumni Friends,
ne of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities we see every day at The University of Tennessee Medical Center revolves around
the diversity of skills and expertise the physicians, nurses, support staff, and other health professionals provide to our patients and families.
This is a true reflection of the mission of an academic medical center: healing, education and discovery.
As the region’s only Level I Trauma Center, and the home of the Regional Perinatal Referral Center and the premier Level III Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit, home of truly unique education and research programs, The University of Tennessee Medical Center and the UT Graduate
School of Medicine stand ready to serve the citizens of East Tennessee with skill and compassion. In this issue of
, we are pleased to
share with you stories of recovery from harrowing accidents and tackling uncommon medical challenges, as well as features on unique and
potentially life-changing research and a perspective on educational programs found only in a limited number of academic medical centers
in the country. This fall we were happy to announce the opening of University Pharmacy within our facility. With this, our pharmacists can
provide more convenience and expert advice to our patients and family members. Also in this issue, you will meet a featured pharmacist and
get answers to questions many of you have about medications.
These are the things we see every day at The University of Tennessee Medical Center and the University of Tennessee Graduate School of
Medicine. We are happy to share them with you, and even happier to offer these services and programs to you and your family.
We Value
Our Mission
To serve through healing,
education and discovery
Our Vision
To be nationally recognized for excellence in patient
care, medical education and biomedical research.
James J. Neutens, PhD
UT Graduate School of Medicine
Joseph R. Landsman, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
University Health System, Inc.
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