Fall 2013 - 7
Behind Every Patient,
Every Diagnosis,
Every Prescription,
Is a Pharmacist
fell in love with hospital pharmacy,” says Jennifer Mendez,
medication use specialist at The University of Tennessee
Medical Center.
Mendez is an East Tennessean who earned her bachelor of
science undergraduate degree at the University of Tennessee in
Knoxville. She attended pharmacy school at UT Health Science
Center in Memphis and completed her pharmacy rotations at
The University of Tennessee Medical Center. While uncertain
of what career path to take in pharmacy, it wasn’t long after
she began her postgraduate
year, in 2003,
that she decided being involved with the healthcare team to
ensure the selection of the best medications for patients was
her passion. Mendez recognized the difference of an academic
medical center. “Being part of the pharmacy students’ and
medical residents’ professional development during my
residency was rewarding to me, because I was helping to
shape the future of medicine,” says Mendez.
She still is. “The medical center’s patient-focused environment
enables the pharmacist to review a patient’s diagnosis and
condition and answer the question ‘What’s the best drug for
this patient?’ ” she says. “This is a culture that fosters a holistic
approach to care. Like everyone else on our team, I’ve been
able to connect with so many patients and experience pure
appreciation from them and their families. That’s what I’ve
enjoyed most over the years.”
Mendez has found her passion: providing sensitive, expert
pharmaceutical care helping patients every day. Doing this
brings her deep satisfaction and furthers the work and mission
of The University of Tennessee Medical Center.
Jennifer Mendez,
PharmD, BCPS
By Bonnie Horner
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