5 Signs to Be Aware Of If You Have Psoriasis

Connect Healthy Tips 5 Signs to Be Aware Of If You Have Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder. Unlike conditions like rashes or eczema, it is caused by something going on with your immune system. Doctors are not entirely sure why psoriasis develops in certain people, but they have found a link between psoriasis and other medical conditions. Because of this, people with psoriasis should learn to be on the lookout for the following possible issues:

How Psoriasis Affects the Eyes

  • Eyelids sticking together when you wake up
  • A swollen or itchy feeling that does not go away
  • Redness, tearing, or discharge from your eyes
  • Blurry vision, sensitivity to light, or seeing dark spots

Stomach Symptoms

  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in abdomen
  • Fever
  • Unexpected weight loss

Impacts on Mood

  • Feeling anxious or sad
  • Having thought of suicide

Mouth Issues

  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Gums pulling away from your teeth

Body Effects

  • Painful, stiff joints
  • Retaining fluid in the legs, ankles, or feet
  • Feeling drowsy or fatigued

Psoriasis has been linked with a variety of different diseases including Crohn’s disease, kidney and liver disease, and psoriatic arthritis. That’s why it’s so important that anyone who has psoriasis and any of the symptoms listed above talk to their dermatologist right away. Almost all of the issues related to these diseases benefit from an early diagnosis.

If you do not have a dermatologist and would like help finding one, contact Healthcare Coordination at 865-305-6970.

For more information about psoriasis or any other health topic, contact the Health Information Center. The Health Information Center is a library staffed by medical librarians and certified health information specialists. The Health Information Center can do research on any health topic and get the results to you for free.

Contact them at 865-305-9525 or library@utmck.edu. There is also a large collection of health books that you can check out covering a variety of topics, including the following:

Crohn’s & colitis diet guide

What you must know about liver disease : a practical guide to using conventional and complementary treatments

Mayo Clinic book of alternative medicine & home remedies

The Health Information Center is located on the first floor the hospital. In addition to health information, you can find computers, printers, and a quiet place to take a break. Becoming a library member is free and only requires a picture ID.


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