5 Simple Tricks to Help with Anxiety

Connect Healthy Tips 5 Simple Tricks to Help with Anxiety

Oftentimes, when we start to feel overwhelmed or anxious, it can feel like our physical world is caving in around us. When that starts to happen, try doing the following to help shift your perspective.

Engage Your Senses to Calm Anxiety

Focus on 5 things you can see. Examples: the carpet color, a bird flying by, a cloud in the sky.

Focus on 4 things you can touch. Examples: your shirt, a pen, the wall.

Focus on 3 things you can hear. Examples: the AC running, a car driving by, someone coughing.

Focus on 2 things you can smell. Examples: your cup of coffee, your dog’s fur.

Focus on 1 thing you can taste: Examples: your toothpaste from that morning, a piece of gum.

How This Exercise Helps You Chill Out

Forcing yourself to focus on immediate, physical things can sometimes help ground you and bring your mind back to the present. Try this technique the next time you start to feel like your anxious feelings are getting out of control.

For more information about anxiety, coping mechanisms, mental health, or any other health topic, contact the Health Information Center. The Health Information Center is a library staffed by medical librarians and certified health information specialists. The Health Information Center can do research on any health topic and get the results to you for free.

Contact them at 865-305-9525 or library@utmck.edu. There is also a large collection of health books that you can check out covering a variety of topics, including the following:

Anxious : using the brain to understand and treat fear and anxiety

The 10 best-ever anxiety management techniques : understanding how your brain makes you anxious and what you can do to change it

The 10 best-ever anxiety management techniques workbook

The Health Information Center is located on the first floor the hospital. In addition to health information, you can find computers, printers, and a quiet place to take a break. Becoming a library member is free and only requires a picture ID.


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