Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for medical records?

You can call contact medical records by clicking here, or call 865-305-9750.

How do I access my patient portal?

You can access your patient portal by clicking here. To register for the portal you can call registration at 305-9501. If you have trouble logging in or accessing the medical center's patient portal, please contact the 24/7 toll free Cerner IQHealth Technical Support line at 877-621-8014.

Where can I pay my hospital bill?

You can access and pay your hospital bill, here.

You will receive separate bills from your personal physician, surgeon and other specialists such as a radiologist, anesthesiologist, emergency physician, cardiologist, or pathologist for services that your doctor has requested. These professional service charges are not included in your hospital bill. Please contact the appropriate professional if you have questions about their service. If you need financial assistance, please click here.

  • UPA Central billing office: 865.670.6199
  • LabCorp: 865.305.9705
  • Cardiology: 865.544.2800
  • Emergency Physicians: 888.952.6772
  • Laboratory (Dynacare): 865.305.6869
  • Pathology: 800.238.0097
  • University Anesthesiologists: 865.588.0880
  • University Pathologist: 800.238.0097
  • University Radiologists: 865.584.7376
  • UT Day Surgery: 865.305.8585

I’ve just been diagnosed with a disease. How can I find reliable health information?

The Health Information Center, located within the medical center, offers an extensive health library, digital and print resources, walk-in assistance, and help with research on specific health conditions—all free of charge. Contact a medical librarian by calling 865-305-9525, or email

Do you offer rehabilitation services?

Yes. Our services include audiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy, speech-language therapy, trauma rehabilitation and hearing aid services.

Do you offer parking passes?

If a patient is scheduled to stay for several days, visitors may obtain a special parking pass at a reduced weekly rate of $5, which will be valid from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday hours from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Weekly passes may be purchased at the parking booths or in the Admitting Office, located in the main lobby. Family passes (one additional person) may be purchased for only $8. Click here for turn-by-turn directions to the medical center.

I don’t want to visit the Emergency Room. Do you have a walk-in clinic?

We have three clinics—Knoxville, Sevierville and Seymour. These walk-in clinics now offer urgent/emergent care medical services to established and new patients in the Knoxville walk-in clinics. All of the university after-hours clinics serve patients over the age of 2.

How can I recognize a team member who cared for me?

Has a doctor, nurse, faculty member, volunteer or other caregiver made a difference in the care you or your loved one received at The University of Tennessee Medical Center?

One of the most popular and meaningful ways for you to express your appreciation is to make a gift to the medical center’s Guardian Angel Program. This program enables you to say thank you and to honor the caregiver, faculty member or other hospital staff member who made your experience a positive one.

The process is very simple. All you need to do is complete the Guardian Angel Online form and let us know the name of your Guardian Angel.