Always Improving

Our service quality and your safety are our biggest initiative. We are continually improving our processes to better serve the needs of you, your family and the community. Below are some of the safety and quality initiatives at the medical center.

Hand Hygiene Campaign
Just Culture
National Patient Safety Goals


Current Improvement Projects

Central line blood stream infection
  • Reduce central line blood stream infection (CLABSI) rates to be better than the National Healthcare Safety network (NHSN) benchmark.
Catheter associated urinary tract infection
  • Reduce catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) to be better than the NHSN benchmark rates.
Patient Falls
  • Reduce the number of patient falls.
  • Implement a team training program to improve communication and teamwork skills among healthcare professionals to improve patient safety.
Past Improvement Projects
Hospital Bed Needs Analysis
  • Determined the optimal number of Acute Care and Critical Care Beds at UT Medical Center by using a queuing calculation analysis.
Decubitus Ulcer Team
  • Prevent the occurrence of bed sores and pressure ulcers among patients.
  • Determine optimal staff scheduling necessary to meet demands using queing calculation analysis.
  • Provide education to patients with heart failure in a timely matter.