A Center of Excellence is an area of health care specialization in a medical center that is recognized by the medical community as providing the most expert and highest level of care. At The University of Tennessee Medical Center, we designate a clinical service as a Center of Excellence when it meets these criteria:

• A comprehensive clinical continuum of care
• Quality differentiation of services and technology
• Commitment to education and research
• Clinical and administrative leadership
• Community impact and market prominence

Why Is a Center of Excellence Important to You?

A Center of Excellence means more focused care in a critical medical field. It means you have access to a full range of treatment options and quality care. It means the doctors who treat you are so qualified in their specialty that they are entrusted with training future doctors in the field. And it means that every patient can be assured that we are focused on improving treatment protocols, programs and outcomes for every patient.

What Are the Six Centers of Excellence?

As an academic medical center, The University of Tennessee Medical Center is uniquely qualified to create and maintain six Centers of Excellence. We can demand higher expectations from every member of our team. And our emphasis on medical research results in new and innovative procedures and treatments of a wide variety of medical diseases. Having six Centers of Excellence is assurance that the medical center is taking measures today to provide the broadest range of health care tomorrow.