Energy Drinks: Are They Worth the Rush?

Connect Healthy Tips Energy Drinks: Are They Worth the Rush?

Feeling tired at work? Many people turn to energy drinks as a way to get energy and enhance mental awareness. Energy drinks are marketed as a great way to get more energy and feel more alert. They may even promise a boost in nutrition. But is that really true?

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Caffeine?

The main ingredients listed in energy drinks are caffeine and vitamins. While vitamins may make you think these drinks are healthy, that is not true. Energy drinks contain a lot of added stimulants that may not be good for your health when combined with caffeine. In addition, one energy drink can have 100 to 250 mg of caffeine per serving which is more than double the amount in a cup of coffee.

It might seem appealing to get that burst of energy, but energy drinks also boost your heart rate and make you feel anxious or nervous. Other reactions are:

  • Headaches or stomachaches
  • Chest pain
  • Feeling dizzy or not focused
  • Not able to fall asleep
  • Dental issues

Another thing to keep in mind is that energy drinks can be high in calories and sugar. This can lead to weight gain or diabetes. There are also serious side effects that could occur from energy drinks. These are things like fast heartbeats, high blood pressure, and seizures.

Energy Drinks and Teenagers

Researchers are so concerned about the effects of energy drinks, especially in teenagers, that they have asked for a ban on marketing of energy drinks until more research has been done. So before grabbing that energy drink, think about the long-term effects it could have on your health.

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