While You are Here

What to expect during your visit

Your initial visit to the Cole Neuroscience Center at the University of Tennessee Medical Center will include a thorough evaluation and consultation by a board certified physician, who is expert in his/her specialty. In addition you may also be evaluated by an advance registered nurse practitioner, registered nurse, social worker, and cognitive evaluation specialist. All of your laboratory testing and/or brain imaging will be scheduled during your visit. This extensive initial evaluation accomplishes in one day what may take two or three visits outside of a comprehensive clinic.

Should you need further testing, you may need to return on a separate day for a brain scan, blood work and/or follow-up cognitive testing. After the initial evaluation and follow- up testing, our neurologists and clinical care team discuss their findings with you and/or your family at a return visit to our clinic where diagnosis, recommendations and treatment options will be discussed.

During your visit with us, you may have medical students and residents participate in your care. We also have ongoing research programs in which you may be invited to participate. No one will ever be required to participate in any research and your care will not be affected by this decision.

You are encouraged to bring someone with you that is familiar with you and your neurological concerns. Please complete the new patient packet and bring to your appointment. You DO NOT need to fill out the medication list included in the questionnaire. Bring a list of your medications or your medicine bottles. The clinic nurse will complete the medication list for you.  If you have any questions or need help completing these forms, please contact us at 865-521-6174.

Patients should arrive 15 minutes early for their first appointment. We look forward to seeing you.