Physicians and CaregiversPhysicians and Caregivers


Often times within the hospital a patient may be seen by several doctors and caregivers. The following is a list of some of the doctors and caregivers you will see during your hospital stay or visit.


Advanced Practice Providers

  • Jennifer Sparks, NP
  • Hugh Jarnigan, NP
  • Trisha Pannell, NP
  • Shelley Lott, NP
  • Cindy Payne-Smith, NP
  • Debbie Coggins, NP
  • Ann Marie Forster, NP
  • Heather Norton-Massengill NP
  • Caroline Elder, PA
  • Stephanie Lezatte, PA
  • Monica Gentry, NP
  • Paige Ledlow, NP
  • Jake Ledlow, NP
  • David Biddle, NP
  • Kellie Mathewson, NP

Other Licensed Caregivers

Physician and Caregiver Descriptions

Anesthesiologist: A doctor who specializes in pain management during surgical procedures.

Audiologist: An audiologist provides services in the prevention, diagnosis, and evidenced-based treatment of hearing and balance disorders for people of all ages.

Neurosurgeon: A neurosurgeon specializes in the surgical management of diseases and injuries of the nervous system including the brain, spine and nerves.

Neurologist: A neurologist specializes in the medical management of diseases of the nervous system including the brain, spine and nerves.

Neuropathologist: A neuropathologist is a physician who interprets and diagnoses the changes caused by disease in tissues and body fluids of the nervous system. He mainly practices in the laboratory as a consultant to clinical colleagues.

Neuroanesthesiologist: A neuroanesthesiologist provides anesthesia services in the operating room and assists in the management of acute and chronic pain.

Physical Therapist: A physical therapist assists the patient first by treating the injury/condition and then teaching the patient how to care for the injury and prevent a recurrence.

Occupational Therapist: An occupational therapist focuses on improving the patient’s quality of life, function and activities of daily living.

Resident: A doctor who is learning about a specialty area of medicine. These doctors are at different levels of school and have an experienced doctor that supervises their care until they graduate.

Speech-Language Pathologist: A speech-language pathologist assists individuals in achieving optimal communication and swallowing through evaluation and treatment of speech, language, cognitive, voice and swallowing disorders.

Stroke Coordinator: Registered nurse who works with all involved disciplines to ensure that patients experiencing stroke receive seamless, comprehensive, compassionate care from the Emergency Department through discharge.