Cancers We Treat

Cancers are extremely serious. Some cancers will only affect one organ while others will spread throughout the body in various ways. The following information is provided to give you a better understanding of various cancers, which will help you make the best treatment choices.

Clinical Trials

As the region’s only academic institution, The University of Tennessee Medical Center through the Cancer Institute’s Clinical Trials Division participates in research studies of national merit. Its mission is to advance research in cancer and ultimately lead the way to new cancer-related discoveries. Click here for more information on clinical trials. 

Physicians and Caregivers

You may review the profiles of the Cancer Institute physicians by looking at the medical specialties listed here or by searching  Find-A-Doctor .

Specialized Services

Our patients can find everything they need in one place for diagnosis, treatment, support, pain management, rehabilitation and assistance with returning to life after cancer. Click here for more information on specialized services.