Cancer Patients Offered Integrative Healthcare Vouchers with Support of Local Business Leader

Scan. Consultation. Scheduling. Treatment. Repeat. Following a cancer diagnosis, many times a cancer patient’s schedule becomes their new norm. The life of a cancer patient begins to revolve around appointments, and at times, may seem that their daily life is a simple shadow of what it used to be before cancer.

Thanks to a newly established Integrative Healthcare voucher program, patients at the Cancer Institute at The University of Tennessee Medical Center now have an opportunity to escape from the day-to-day rigors and realties that come with chemotherapy infusions, radiation treatments and other appointments that follow the words “You have cancer.”

The voucher program, which allows all cancer patients a onetime treatment without being charged, was initiated by Sam, a cancer patient who was diagnosed with an inoperable pancreatic tumor in 2016. Sam discovered the Integrative Healthcare services at the Cancer Institute early into his journey with cancer.

To learn more about the Integrative Health Voucher Program, please call (865) 305-4710.

What is Integrative Health?

“Our Integrative Health services provide support and healing for the person’s mind, body, and spirit.  We utilize evidence based integrative therapies to help provide emotional support, decrease physical discomfort, alleviate treatment side effects, and restore balance to all our beloved clients. Our Integrative Healthcare team has a special passion for providing support to those going through the cancer experience and we are specially trained to provide services for cancer patients,” said Clayton Bell, MD, an Integrative and Family Medicine physician with UT Internal Medicine & Integrative Health.  “The Integrative Healthcare voucher program is an incredible way to introduce people to a whole new world of healing modalities.  We are very excited about sharing these healing arts with our clients and glad to be such an integral piece of the Cancer Institute.”

“When a patient walks through our door, we want them to forget, if even for a few minutes, that they are a cancer patient or survivor,” said Gayle Owens, a licensed massage therapist and part of the Integrative Healthcare team at the Cancer Institute. “Our program is designed to provide supportive and integrative therapies for cancer patients and their caregivers during all stages of cancer care from diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.”

Vouchers made possible by local business leader

Sam, a business and philanthropic leader in the Knoxville community, wanted to do something so that every cancer patient, regardless of their economic situation, had the opportunity to try a complementary therapy to understand the benefit. He chose to support the Complementary Therapies Gift Fund and work with the Integrative Healthcare team to develop a voucher program for cancer patients.

“I knew heart disease ran in my family, so I’ve always tried to eat well and take care of myself, including practicing yoga, meditation and acupuncture, so these complementary therapies weren’t new to me. I’ve been to several other medical centers with similar offerings, and our Cancer Institute is at the forefront of integrative healthcare by offering these services,” Sam said. “It’s more than just being able to treat the physical part of the disease; this team supports you through your emotional journey as well in ways that traditional medicine cannot.”

“Each cancer patient is offered a first-time visit voucher that covers the expense of one of the complementary therapies, which are currently not covered by insurance. I thought it was important to support other cancer patients in our community, and let them experience what I already know – these therapies really do help,” Sam continued. “Having been through this journey, my goal was to help market and educate individuals on the services offered and make an impact on patient lives, friends and neighbors in the community.”

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