The University of Tennessee Cancer Institute offers survivorship care to patients at the completion of their treatment.  

What is a Survivor?

Survivorship begins with a diagnosis of cancer.  Survivorship is a broad term that applies to all patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, regardless of stage.

 Survivorship Care at the University of Tennessee Cancer Institute

Our Survivorship Care includes routine follow-ups as directed by NCCN guidelines to follow disease specific factors as well as a general wellness screening. Once a patient has transitioned to Survivorship, we provide an individualized treatment summary and survivorship care plan describing the unique treatment received by each patient. This includes a list of all treating providers, all types of treatment, response to treatment, all pathology information including staging, follow-up recommendations and future screening intervals.

Your First Survivorship Visit

Every patient is unique! As such, we meet with each patient one-on-one, review cancer-relevant patient history including diagnosis, stage, treatments, responses to treatment, potential after-effects related to treatment received, and individualized follow-up recommendations. Additional components of a first Survivorship visit may include the following as needed:

  • A physical exam
  • A visit with a social worker for a symptom assessment and to identify any needs that need additional assistance
  • Meeting with a nutritionist for a dietary assessment and planning for a post-treatment healthy diet
  • A copy of all relevant records
  • Completion of a personalized treatment summary and survivorship care plan (this may be completed at the time of service or following the initial appointment)  

Survivor Stories

Donita Love

Breast Cancer survivor Donita Love says, “Even though it was devastating news, it was a good experience to learn that if you just think about yourself and your body—how good you want to feel, you have to work at it, and I say it has kind of helped me and my family grow closer together."

Tony Malinauskas

As a physical scientist, Tony Malinauskas lived in a world where every problem had a solution—some problems just taking a little more time. When his urologist confirmed the diagnosis of prostate cancer, this problem became no different to him than the others he had faced as a researcher.

Evelyn Botts

Lung cancer survivor Evelyn Botts feared she might have pneumonia, when unexpected test results threw her life into the hands of oncology experts at the medical center. 

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Patient Stories

Find inspirational survivor stories that may comfort you while dealing with your diagnosis and during your battle with cancer. As a patient of the Medical Center and cancer survivor, the Cancer Institute welcomes you to share your story with patients going through similar challenges.