Frequently Asked Questions

Labor & Delivery

Q. How do I get to Labor and Delivery?

A. Once on campus, follow signs that lead to Medical Buildings. There are two designated parking spaces for mothers in labor in front of the Boling Pavilion (tallest building on campus near the flag circle). Preferred long term parking for Labor and Delivery is in the HLVI parking garage. Enter the hospital in the Boling Pavilion and take the East Elevators to the 3 floor. The East Elevators are located in the main lobby across from the coffee shop. Take a virtual tour of our Maternity Center!

Q. How many people can be in the delivery with me?

A. Up to 4 people are allowed in the delivery room at the birth.

Q. Can we video tape or take pictures of the delivery?

A. You’re welcome to take pictures before and after the delivery but the official hospital policy at UT Medical Center states “No photography or videotaping is allowed during the actual delivery or C-Section.”

Q. Who can stay with me if I have a C-Section?

A. Only one person may be with you and no videotaping is permitted.

Q. What are the visitation hours?

A. It will be your decision as to who visits you and when. We encourage you to have as many visitors as you would like, but to keep in mind that you and your baby need rest and quiet time together.

Q. Where can I get information on Breastfeeding?

A. We have certified Breastfeeding Consultants at UT Medical Center. They are available at 865.305.9337. Or you can get information from your physician.

Q. Is a family member able to stay in the room with me at night?

A. One family member is allowed to stay with you and your baby.