Contact Us: Important Numbers

Use the following numbers to find out more about pregnancy and childbirth services at UT Medical Center.

To make an appointment for a childbirth class, call 865-305-9300

  • Admissions Office - 865.305.6000
  • Birth Certificate Information - 865.305.9750
  • Breastfeeding (lactation) services - 865.305.9337
  • Childbirth Education - 865.305.9300
  • Development & Genetic Services - 865.305.9030
  • High-risk Obstetrics - 865.305.9300
  • Lactation Consultants - 865.305.9337
  • Tours of the Birthing Center - 865.305.9300
  • General Information: 865.305.9000
  • Labor & Delivery Information - 865.305.9830
  • Mother/Baby Nurses Station - 865.305.9831
  • Triage (OB Emergency) - 865.305.9587
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - 865.305.9834

Patient's room may be reached directly by dialing 305-8 and the last three digits of the room number.


Childbirth Education Classes

Birthing classes are an essential part of a good pregnancy experience. The classes will not only teach you techniques on how to deal with the pain associated with labor and delivery, but also about proper diet and exercise during your pregnancy. It is a great opportunity for bonding with your partner as well as meeting other people that are experiencing many of the same physical and emotional changes that are related to pregnancy and a new baby.

Prepare for the birth of your baby at The University of Tennessee Medical Center and meet others who are on the same journey in their pregnancy experience. Let our team of certified childbirth educators help you get ready by attending our educational classes which will prepare you to lovingly and confidently care for your baby.

Childbirth Classes - FAQs

Our certified childbirth educators will guide you and your labor companion through:

  • The normal discomforts of late pregnancy and how to deal with them.
  • How to recognize when labor has started, what to do at home in early labor and when to call your doctor or midwife.
  • Natural methods of pain control and medications used in labor.
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques that will help you through labor.
  • What to expect if you choose epidural anesthesia. An anesthesiologist from the Medical Center will explain the risks and benefits of epidural anesthesia and answer you questions.
  • What to expect with a cesarean birth.
  • Signs of pre-term labor and other warning signs that need to be discussed with your doctor or midewife immediately.
  • What physical and emotional changes to expect after your baby is born.

Private childbirth preparation also is available. For more information or to register please call 865.305.9300. Classes fill quickly, so register early!

Prepared Childbirth

This 4-week weekday class prepares you and your support person for the final stages of pregnancy; labor and birth; and the early days of parenthood. Anesthesia options as well as breathing and relaxation techniques are covered. A tour of labor and delivery is included.

This program is open to the community. All 4 sessions required. Cost: $65
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Saturday Prepared Childbirth Classes

This Saturday class prepares you and your support person for the final stages of pregnancy; labor and birth; and the early days of parenthood. Anesthesia options as well as breathing and relaxation techniques are covered. A tour of labor and delivery is included.

This is a 2-day course and you must attend BOTH Saturday classes. Cost: $65
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Breastfeeding Preparation

Our breastfeeding class gives you a head start to successful breastfeeding. It helps you understand the normal behavior of breastfeeding infants. The class includes helpful tips on how to care for yourself, positioning your baby, strategies for returning to work and breast pump rental information.

For more information or to register please call 865.305.9300. This program is open to the community. Cost: $20
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Sibling Preparation

Prepares children for the arrival of a new baby and promotes positive feelings about becoming a big brother or sister. (For children 10 and under). May include preparing children to be present for birth if requested by parents. Cost: $20 per child.

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Labor and Delivery Tours

Prepare for your big day by touring our labor and delivery unit with a registered nurse. Also includes a visit to the adjacent Mother/Baby suites where you and your baby will stay after the delivery. 

Dates: Every Tuesday and Sunday. Please call 865.305.9300 to register. Cost: FREE

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Newborn Care

This class prepares you and your family members to care for your new baby. Cost: $25

Newborn Care Class - Topics Covered:

  • How to hold a baby
  • Baby’s body temperature/regulation/overheating
  • Why baby’s cry/comfort techniques/5 S’s
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Swaddling
  • Feeding, How to warm bottles, Prepping bottles, feeding at an angle
  • Burping
  • Safe Sleep/SIDS Prevention
  • Diapering
  • Cord Care
  • Circumcision Care
  • Newborn Skin and Cradle Cap
  • Bathing
  • Nail Care
  • How to use a thermometer and nasal aspirator
  • When to call the Pediatrician

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Infant Safety & CPR

Learn the basics of infant CPR, car seat safety and safe sleep. Does not include CPR certification. Cost: $25

  • 1st half of class covers Infant CPR and Infant Choking
  • 2nd half of class covers the following:
  • Safe Sleep/SIDS Prevention
  • Car Seat Safety
  • General Safety, “Baby-proofing” the home
  • Online Resources to stay up to date on recalls
  • Choking Prevention

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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is an ideal form of exercise during pregnancy. Sign up for this series of classes that includes stretching, strengthening, relaxation and breathing practice.

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Childbirth Refresher Class

Not your first baby?  Review the essentials of childbirth preparation with your partner or support person including the progression of labor, when to go to the hospital, relaxation exercises, labor postions, birth preferences and postpartum adjustments with other children at home. Class is appropriate for VBAC patients (vaginal birth after cesarean).

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