Clayton W. Bell MD

Family Medicine

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UT Internal Medicine & Integrated Health
1932 Alcoa Hwy, Ste C-470 & Cancer Institute F320
Knoxville, TN 37920
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Phone: (865) 971-3539
Fax: (865) 971-3069


Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, American Board of Integrative Medicine
Schools: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Residencies: Central Maine Medical Center
Fellowships: University of Kansas Medical Center
Languages: Haitian-Creole

  • Bell C, Heidel E, Sunega J, Drisko J. Ancient Wisdom: Can Ayurvedic Prakruti Provide Invaluable Insights into Integrative Medicine? Ayurveda Journal of Health. 2017; XV(3): 27-34.

Dr. Clayton Bell’s medical practice combines cutting edge evidence based Western Medicine with the ancient healing wisdoms of the East.  This unique blend of “East meets West” allows the patient to be heard and seen on multiple levels: physical, mental, and spiritual.  Dr. Bell has been shaped by his transformational personal and medical experiences both nationally and internationally.  He has delivered babies in Maine, treated cholera epidemics in Haiti, taken a Vision Quest, ridden his bicycle across the country twice, and hiked across the Alps.  This myriad of experiences has solidified Dr. Bell’s medical philosophy that the common thread to optimizing vitality and health lies within activating, supporting, and empowering the person to heal themselves from the inside out.