Dr. Clayton Bell Discusses Integrative Medicine

Connect News Dr. Clayton Bell Discusses Integrative Medicine
Clayton W. Bell MD

Clayton Bell, MD

Clayton Bell, MD, an Integrative Medicine physician at The University of Tennessee Medical Center was recently a featured guest on MindBodyRadio’s Daily Show. In the interview Dr. Bell discusses his role as an integrative medicine physician and defines what the specialty of integrative medicine is really all about. Dr. Bell explains in the interview, “Integrative medicine to me is really the culmination of mind, body, spirit, the environment- everything that goes into helping a person to be whole and into healing themselves…We look at things like nutrition, sleep, physical activity, stress-reduction, relationships, our environment, and the way we perceive the world.” You can listen to Dr. Bell’s segment on MindBodyRadio at this link.

Dr. Bell provides Integrative Medicine Oncology consults for UT Medical Center’s Cancer Institute and Integrative Medicine consultations in the Internal Medicine & Integrative Health Clinic. Dr. Bell works with patients referred to him to find the source of their current condition and utilizes both cutting edge evidence based Western Medicine modalities and ancient healing techniques from the East. Dr. Bell incorporates physical, mental, psychological, social and spiritual health into the healing process. You can learn more about Integrative Medicine and Dr. Bell’s consultations by visiting our website.


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