Patient Guide

When someone is hospitalized because of injuries, it is a very difficult and unplanned event that probably will be stressful. Emergency and Trauma Center encompasses all of the hospital’s emergency and trauma care. 

 The Emergency Department is comprised of four areas:

  • A trauma bay for the most seriously injured or ill patients;
  • An emergent treatment area for those with a potentially serious problem;
  • A rapid evaluation and treatment area (REnT) for the less ill and injured;
  • Fast-track area for those with minor illness or injury.

It is organized to coordinate the complete care of the critically ill or injured patient from the pre-hospital environment through initial evaluation and stabilization, hospitalization and discharge. In addition to exceptional patient care,  Emergency and Trauma Center also has a commitment to education and research in addition to exceptional patient care.

If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 right away!

Contact the Emergency Department and the area’s only Level I Trauma Center by calling 865.305.9000.


The following pages will guide you through the Emergency Department and Trauma Center at UT Medical Center and, hopefully, assist patients and their loved ones during this difficult time.