Supporting the UT Graduate School of Medicine

Since 1999, the University of Tennessee Medical Center and UT Graduate School of Medicine’s unique partnership—a blend of academics, research and patient care—has thrived. Together, the organizations serve as the region’s only academic medical center. This means patients have access to both routine and highly specialized healthcare services because our physicians practice in an environment dedicated to education and discovery.

The UT Graduate School of Medicine has an incredibly strong reputation in education, and continues building research programs of national merit. As part of the UT Health Science Center College of Medicine in Memphis, it remains committed to providing statewide initiatives in medical and dental education, as well as selected research endeavors.

Today, there are more than 213 residents and nearly 430 faculty (both full-time and volunteer) in 11 residency and 11 fellowship programs in medicine and dentistry. With some of the nation’s finest faculty and resident physicians, medical students are also able to gain significant experience and challenging training—which ultimately benefits the patients and community we serve.

From academic endowments and endowed chairs, to capital campaigns and unrestricted gifts, your support will make an immediate impact on the area you’re most interested in. Your support ensures that the UT Graduate School of Medicine will continue improving lives through clinical innovation, early application of new treatments, breakthrough discoveries, dynamic faculty leadership, and education of a new generation of healers.

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Center for Advanced Medical Simulation

The mission of the UT Center for Advanced Medical Simulation is to add new dimension to the training of physicians, residents, medical students and clinical staff. To improve the quality of care in our community, state-of-the-art simulated training is available to physicians and other healthcare providers. 

The primary goal is for continuous improvement in patient quality and safety through education, practice, and assessment. Simulation experts, equipment maintenance, upgrades and additions of specialized equipment are extremely costly—and your support makes a difference.

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Fellowship in Forensic Dentistry 

There are very few Forensic Dentistry programs across the country.The purpose of Forensic Dentistry is to develop an anatomical foundation and mechanistic understanding for identification, recovery and laboratory interpretation of the dentition and supporting skeletal and soft tissues of the head and neck in a forensic context and the written and verbal expertise to present and defend those findings in medico-legal settings.  By funding this fellowship, one will help build this much needed program that is in great demand. Below are some examples of how this program will benefit communities everywhere: 

  • Crime scene and autopsy identification of the fresh, decomposed, mutilated or skeletal single victim or multiple victims of natural, accidental, suicide, homicide and mass disaster
  • Expertise in the comparative radiographic and CT positive identification process
  • Age estimation in living – border crossers, insurance, adoption, etc.
  • Human and non-human bite mark recognition and possible suspect exclusion
  • Mass disaster computer-based identification systems
  • Report writing of findings for legal medicine
  • Courtroom/expert witness verbal and demonstrative defense of those findings

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Endowed Chairs

An Endowed Chair is among the highest academic awards the university can bestow.  An endowment honors not only the named holder of the appointment, but also pays tribute to the individual in whose name it is established, a lasting legacy that recognizes the enormous contributions of the individual to the institution. Endowments serve as a valuable tool in the recruitment and retention of faculty, researchers and students. Currently, $2 million must be raised in order to establish an endowed chair position.

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