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Medical Surgical

Medical Surgical

General Surgery/Gastroenterology

General Surgery and Gastroenterology is a 30-bed acute care telemetry unit within the medical-surgical service line.  Our exceptional team members make a difference by providing compassionate and highly skilled care to those we serve throughout the region.  We encourage and promote professional growth and development by offering opportunities to participate on shared governance councils, opportunities to attend leadership development training, and by providing assistance with obtaining specialty certification in medical-surgical nursing.

Our unit is proud to be the Medical Center’s first Dedicated Education Unit.  This teaching model allows nursing students to gain “real world” hands-on experience while working alongside our experienced nurses who are providing patient care.  Working with nursing students assists our efforts to stay abreast of the most up-to-date evidence based practice. In addition, we gain satisfaction from educating the next generation of health care providers.

Hemodialysis Unit

Since 1973, the Hemodialysis Unit has provided acute dialysis treatments for UT Medical Center inpatients. The patient population currently includes medical, trauma, neurology, cardiac and surgical patients with acute renal failure as well as patients from surrounding area chronic clinics who require medical and surgical care or transplant services.

Hemodialysis nurses have a wide scope of practice that includes providing care to severely compromised critical care patients with surgical, medical and transplant care needs. Patients in the critical care areas may be dialyzed at their bedside or, if stable enough, may be taken to the dialysis unit. Additionally, another component of care available to patients in this high-tech area is plasmapheresis. Patients experiencing disease processes requiring pheresis come to the dialysis unit or may be pheresed at bedside in the critical care areas. In the Hemodialysis Unit, patients continually are monitored due to the invasiveness of the procedures performed. The dialysis nurse must have excellent communication skills as well as outstanding clinical skills as they routinely collaborate with many departments and services on a daily basis to provide safe and exceptional care.

One year of critical care experience is preferred to work in the Hemodialysis Unit. The orientation plan includes a comprehensive experience teamed one to one with a preceptor until the nurse is clinically competent in Hemodialysis. Teamwork is essential in the dialysis unit to provide patients with excellent care. Staff nurses rotate on a nightly call schedule for emergent dialysis treatments. Exciting opportunities for certification also are available.

Joint Replacement Center

The Joint Replacement Center is a 30-bed unit. Our specialty is caring for patients with total hip, knee, and shoulder replacements.  We consider our unit a “well unit” meaning all of our patients elect to be here and are not “sick.” Our joint patients’ length of stay is 2-3 days.  Although we consider all of our patients to be “well,” some do have chronic medical issues that need attention. In this case, internal medicine doctors are consulted.

We have a very involved multidisciplinary team including physicians, registered nurses, certified nursing assistant, health unit coordinators, physical therapists, case management, and occupational therapists.  Our joint replacement patients have an extensive physical therapy program. There are two physical therapy sessions each day. In the morning patients work with therapists during an individual session and in the afternoon, patients are brought together in our joint zone for a group therapy session.

We are grateful to be a part of these patients’ healing process after surgery. We hope to touch our patient’s lives and help them on the road to a better more functional life.

Medical Nephrology

Medical Nephrology is a 26-bed acute care medical surgical unit dedicated to providing patient care to medical, nephrology, urology, and surgical patients. This unit has a primary focus on care and management of patients diagnosed with complex medical needs.  As a team, we work closely with the nephrologists, urologists, hospitalists, and many more disciplines.

Our unit provides a solid nursing foundation in order to further one’s knowledge and advance clinical skills.  A few of the special skills that nurses develop are:

  • Nephrology/peritoneal dialysis
  • Nephrostomy tube management
  • PICC line management
  • Difficult urinary catheter insertion
  • Bladder irrigation
  • Bladder scanning
  • Wound care & management
  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Diabetic education
  • Medication management & education

Medical Nephrology nurses pride themselves on great teamwork and co-workers who are always supportive of each other.  We encourage and promote professional growth and development by offering opportunities to participate on shared governance councils, opportunities to attend further specialized training, and encourage obtaining specialty certification in medical-surgical nursing.

Medical Telemetry

Medical Telemetry is a 30-bed acute care telemetry unit specializing in the medical management of patients requiring interventions under the supervision of the dedicated University of Tennessee Hospitalist Team. The unit is also a teaching floor, housing the UTH/House Staff Team 3 physician resident rotation and cultivating a proactive working relationship between physicians and nursing staff.  Medical Telemetry is a dynamic and fast paced unit focused on multidisciplinary collaboration for patient care.  The unit has standard work in place for daily discharge board rounds to help best facilitate communication with providers and coordinate patient care and discharge needs.  All nurses are required to have completed ACLS within one year of employment and professional certification is expected during employment tenure.  The unit received the internal NDNQI Quality Award in 2015 and the Nurse Satisfaction Award in 2016 and 2017.

On Medical Telemetry we are all one team!

Our nurses are actively involved in Shared Governance at the system and unit level.  Nurses help make decisions about issues that affect and guide nursing practice.  Registered nurses participate on the Nursing Leadership, Practice, Quality & Safety, Research, and Professional Development Councils.  We also have a very active unit council where team members have input and make decisions about the operation of the unit.

Medical Surgical Telemetry

The Medical Surgical Telemetry unit is a 30-bed acute care telemetry unit located on the 6th floor of the East tower.  Our team is comprised of registered nurses, nursing assistants, health unit coordinators, a clinical nurse specialist and case manager that are committed to providing excellent and efficient care to patients with a wide variety of diagnoses (chest pain, COPD, trauma/ortho, heart failure, post-operative care, etc.). The diverse population of patients we serve gives the team the opportunity to maintain many of the skills required of multiple specialty units.

Our commitment is to promote the mission and values of UTMC by providing an excellent experience focusing on patient and family centered care with a team-oriented approach. We understand that collaboration with all departments within the organization is vital to the outcome of our patients. For these reasons, our team is actively involved in shared governance, values continuing education and promotes professional development to better serve our patients and community.


The Oncology/Urology unit is located on 12 East, which is the top floor of the Boling Pavilion. This location allows for a spectacular view of Knoxville. Oncology/Urology is a dynamic 30-bed unit with a team of RNs, certified nursing assistants, secretaries and a clinical nurse specialist.

Patients come with a wide range of therapies. Many of them are receiving medical or surgical treatment of cancer or a cancer-related condition. Our most frequent patient populations include the following:

  • Oncology
  • Urology
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Hematology
  • Head and Neck Surgery
  • Fetal Demise
  • Gynecological

Oncology/Urology often provides specialty care such as infusion of clotting factors, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is administered by chemotherapy trained registered nurses. We participate in a variety of collaborative research protocols and have many opportunities to increase professional understanding and practice.

A holistic focus is maintained to help patients and families attain the highest quality of life. We provide both acute and respite care and collaborate with all members of the healthcare team. We strive to show respect, compassion and genuine caring. We understand that we touch lives and in doing so our own lives also are touched.

Orthopedic Trauma

Orthopedic Trauma is a 30-bed unit with capability for up to 8 telemetry beds. Our team consists of registered nurses (RN’s), certified nursing assistants (CNA’s), health unit coordinators, orthopedic technicians, and a case manager. We maintain a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service as well as ensuring our patients and families receive the highest quality of care.

Our population primarily consists of patients with various bone fractures resulting from trauma. However, the typical trauma patient usually has a variety of injuries that accompany the fracture. Therefore, our staff must be proficient in caring for fractures as well as multisystem traumatic injuries. We also remain aware of the emotional aspect resulting from a traumatic experience and provide our patients and families with the emotional support they need.

Our most frequent patient populations are:

  • Traumatic orthopedic injuries
  • Hip fractures (primarily from geriatric population)
  • Trauma from MVA, motorcycle accidents, GSW, falls, etc.

Orthopedic trauma patients’ keep our floor exciting and constantly changing as no two trauma patients are alike. We are excited about our journey in becoming the regions first Fracture Care Center. We are committed to providing excellent customer service while maintaining high quality care to ensure the best outcome for our patients.

Progressive Care Unit

The Progressive Care Unit (PCU) is an 18-bed unit that provides intermediate care to the patient whose acuity requires nursing interventions not available in an acute care unit and is more stable than patients in an intensive care unit.

PCU patients are moderately stable with a high potential for becoming unstable. PCU RNs care for patients with a variety of medical and surgical problems including cardiac, pulmonary, moderately stable trauma, non-invasive ventilation (BiPAP), mechanical ventilation via tracheostomy tube and approved drips. PCU is staffed with professional and ancillary staff, including a designated Respiratory Therapist.

The Progressive Care Unit at UT Medical Center values continuing education. Every team member is certified in Basic Life Support (BLS). Every registered nurse completes Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) , ventilator training, and a therapeutic drip class. Every nurse resident completes Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO). We take pride in our commitment to obtaining professional certifications, specifically joining the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and obtaining Progressive Care Certification (PCCN). Advancing education formally and informally is encouraged and financial assistance is available for these opportunities. The nursing staff is committed to excellence and strives to deliver the highest level of quality nursing care. The staff takes great pride in the complex care of our patients on PCU and we are committed to working together as a team.

Trauma Surgical

Trauma Surgical is a 30-bed unit located on the 10th floor. Staff members pride themselves in providing excellent, specialized care to the complex trauma patient population of East Tennessee and the surrounding region. The nursing staff works closely with a highly skilled multidisciplinary team that consists of the trauma team, dietitians, physical therapists, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, case managers and pastoral care.

Trauma patients offer many challenging opportunities to provide exceptional care while affording the chance to make a difference in the lives of our patients who have recently experienced a life-changing event. Our team cares for adolescents, adults and geriatric patients with differing degrees of neurological, cardiac, pulmonary, abdominal and orthopedic trauma injuries. The primary goal is to help restore patients and their families to the highest functioning level possible through daily physical and emotional support.

Our status as a teaching hospital enables us to impact our profession by sharing our knowledge and experience with students from area universities as they rotate through clinical rotations. Not only are we dedicated to educating the nurses of tomorrow, but we also are dedicated to the education of new and current staff members. Staff members receive specialized trauma training and an individualized, unit-based orientation with an experienced preceptor. Once out of orientation, staff is encouraged to attend pertinent conferences, in-services and training for specialty certification or degree advancement.

Leadership Team

Janell Cecil, MSN, RN, NEA-BC

Chief Nursing Officer & Senior Vice President

Solon Snyder, MSN, RN, NEA-BC

Vice President, Medical Surgical

Scott Branch, MSN, RN, CMSRN

Nurse Manager, Trauma Surgical

Julie Daniels, BSN, RN

Nurse Manager, Medical Nephrology

Jessica Flanary, MHA, BSN, RN, NE-BC

Nurse Manager, Medical Telemetry

Clay Kyle, MSN, RN, PCCN

Nurse Manager, PCU

Allison Marcum, MBA, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Nurse Manager, Orthopedic Trauma

Melissa McDonald, MBA, MSN, RN

Nurse Manager, Medical Surgical Telemetry

Whitney Owen, MSN, RN, CMSRN

Nurse Manager, Joint Replacement Center

Donna Patterson, BSN, RN, NE-BC

Nurse Manager, General Surgery, Gastroenterology

Kristine Rodriguez, BSN, RN

Nurse Manager, Oncology, Urology

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