About the Health Information Center

Wide angle shot of the Health Information CenterHave you ever been faced with a new diagnosis, test or procedure, surgery or medication and felt overwhelmed? The Health Information Center can help you access information, print findings, answer your questions and offer advice about other resources.

The Health Information Center can provide patients, family members and the community with valuable information on the latest health news and free research for specific diseases or illnesses. Located on the first floor of the medical center’s main lobby, the Health Information Center showcases an extensive health library and connects patients and the community to the outstanding physicians and clinical services offered at The University of Tennessee Medical Center.

Staffed by Preston Medical Library librarians and library associates who are certified health information specialists, the Health Information Center offers an extensive health library, digital and print resources, walk-in assistance, and help with research on specific health conditions—all free of charge.

Services and Resources Available:

  • Reliable and up-to-date medical information
  • Friendly librarians who are certified consumer health information specialists
  • Confidential patient education
  • Research can be requested in person or by phone, email via an online form
  • Computer access for medical research while visiting the hospital
  • Comfortable and quiet atmosphere that fosters learning
  • Resources are available in Spanish

Benefits the Health Information Center can provide:

  • Increased patient education with resources that are understandable
  • Improved patient-to-physician communication, which can result in better informed healthcare decisions
  • Can empower patients and caregivers to take an active role in their healthcare
  • Potentially shorten hospital stays and improve quality of life

The Health Information Center is here to provide quality health education information to the community.