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Heart Lung Vascular Institute

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Welcome to the Heart Lung Vascular Institute

The Heart Lung Vascular Institute brings together expertise in clinical care, teaching and research. Patients receive exceptional healthcare combined with patient-centered care, premier technology and extensive patient/community education in one convenient outpatient facility.

Patient Guide

Heart, lung and vascular diseases are interrelated and have many common issues, therefore, the University of Tennessee Medical Center’s Heart Lung Vascular Institute brings them together under one roof.

Medical Services and Procedures

UT Medical Center’s Heart Lung Vascular Institute provides excellent patient-centered care using advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment for various heart, lung and vascular diseases.

Diseases and Conditions

Because cardiopulmonary systems are interdependent and share common etiologies and risk factors, an integrated, multidisciplinary center to include patients with lung disease as well as heart and vascular problems, was created.

Health & Wellness

Through a coordinated network of healthcare professionals, patients and their families are provided the best diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative medical services available for the treatment of heart lung and vascular disease.

Patient Stories

The Heart Lung Vascular Institute' Heart Hospital is committed to supporting you and your family, which includes sharing personal stories that may inspire you or a loved one while going through similar challenges.

Tools and Resources

As an active participant in your healthcare it is important to periodically evaluate your health and lifestyle. There are several tools available to help protect you from various diseases and conditions.