Patient Guide

Heart, lung and vascular diseases are interrelated and have many common issues, therefore, the University of Tennessee Medical Center’s Heart Lung Vascular Institute brings them together under one roof. Patients coming to the institute have access to highly skilled physicians and caregivers that integrate cardiology (heart), cardiothoracic surgery, pulmonary medicine (lung) and vascular surgery.

Patients with heart disorders, breathing difficulties, sleep issues and problems with arteries and veins can expect excellent treatment with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology with various physicians from several sub-specialities to provide the best patient outcomes.

As a new or long-term patient or visitor, the Heart Lung Vascular Institute recognizes how difficult it is to find your way around a new facility or to locate amenities and services. The following pages contain information to help patients and visitors of the Heart Lung Vascular Institute at UT Medical Center.

Smoking/ Tobacco

UT Medical Center maintains a smoke-free / tobacco-free environment for the health, safety and comfort of its patients, visitors and staff. There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the medical center campus. This tobacco ban applies to all patients, families and visitors both inside and on the grounds of the hospital.