University Cardiology

University Cardiology is staffed by 15 cardiologists, all of whom are board certified in the specialties of internal medicine and cardiology. This Heart Lung Vascular Institute team is dedicated to providing superb quality care to adult patients with diseases of the heart and the entire vascular system of arteries and veins.

University Cardiology recognized a need to subspecialize within the rapidly developing field of cardiology. Subspecialists operate several clinics involved in diagnostic testing, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology stress testing, heart catheterization and electrophysiology, pacemakers and defibrillators for heart rhythm disturbances.

The emphasis for these professionals in order to provide excellent cardiology evaluation still remains listening to the patient’s story and a good physical examination. The challenge for cardiologists is the prevention of serious heart disease by intervening before problems occur. Management of cardiac risk factors, including diabetes, obesity, hypertension and high serum lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides) is paramount to maintaining good heart health.

The practice of cardiology has undergone dramatic changes with new technology, diagnostic tests and a plethora of drugs developed to treat everything from congestive heart failure to hypertension and high cholesterol. Interventional specialists have drug-eluting stents for blocked coronary arteries, devices to close holes in the heart for selected congenital problems and techniques to treat heart rhythm problems to include ablation of areas of the heart, pacemakers and defibrillators.

University Cardiology works closely with many other heart, lung and vascular specialists within the institute as well as other physicians within UT Medical Center to provide complete patient care.

This care includes clinics for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, congestive heart failure, women-specific heart and lung disease and a Disease Management Clinic to monitor cardiac and vascular risk factors.

University Cardiology welcomes physician and patient self referral for the entire gamut of adult cardiac disease.

University Cardiology Professionals

The staff is knowledgeable in every phase of cardiac care and represents a wealth of experience. All physicians have privileges at UT Medical Center and are on the teaching staff. Many hold board positions in professional, cultural or civic organizations in the local area. KCVG physicians are widely published in the area of cardiology research.

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For more information on University Cardiology, call 865.544.2800 or visit the University Cardiology website.

University Cardiology
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