Helping Cancer Patients Deal With “Scanxiety”

Connect Doctor Helping Cancer Patients Deal With “Scanxiety”

Cancer patients often live scan-to-scan. Waiting for results in between can spark something medical professionals call “scanxiety.”

WBIR Channel 10  featured an interview with Dr. Tim Panella, a Medical Oncologist at UT Medical Center, discussing this type of anxiety and ways patients and their families can manage it. Panella encourages patients to curb feelings of “scanxiety” by talking to others and being in tune with their thoughts. Most importantly, he said people should not put off tests out of fear. “Cancer doesn’t stop growing because you’re afraid, and so the longer you put it off, the bigger the cancer grows, and the bigger the cancer grows, the harder it is to treat in most cases,” Panella said.

UT Medical Center wants to remind everyone that even during the pandemic, it’s important not to delay care. Seek medical attention if you don’t feel well and continue to get screenings.

Click here to watch the full interview from WBIR


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