Here Are Some Refreshing Health Benefits of Decluttering

Connect Healthy Tips Here Are Some Refreshing Health Benefits of Decluttering

We’ve probably all got stuff sitting around our house that we haven’t used in a while. It’s not harming anyone, right? While that may be true, there are benefits to getting rid of unused stuff and decluttering your house.

Decluttering your environment plays a role in decluttering your mind. Research shows that it can provide benefits to your overall well-being.

Tips To Make Decluttering Easy

If the thought of decluttering seems too stressful to start, use the following tips, tricks, and thoughts to get started.

Pick one area to get started. Maybe you’ve got a closet full of sheets you haven’t seen in years. Maybe the junk drawer in the kitchen is so full you can barely get it open. Pick one area where you know you will find something you don’t need, and start there.

Keep the following categories in mind when sorting through your stuff: keep, donate, recycle, sell, trash. It might make you feel better to know the things you’re getting rid of are not just going to the trash. However, remember that some things belong in the trash, and try not to feel guilty for throwing them away. Your well-being is more important than a physical item.

You can find treasure. Often when you have clutter, you are not getting the benefit of the stuff that you still want. Try decluttering a medicine cabinet or drawer of spices. It’s likely that you’ll find a few things you forgot you had, and you’ll be left with the space to see them for future uses.

Decluttering exercises your decision-making skills. Making quick decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of is solving a problem.  When we do little problem solving exercises like this, it works out our brain and gives us a sense of satisfaction. Think of it as small brain riddles. To keep or not to keep? Once you get faster at decision making skills, you may feel motivated to move on to another item on your to-do list.

It can help you sleep. Even when our eyes are shut, parts of our brain are still scanning for dangers around us. Although that pile of laundry or blinking computer screen may not mean danger, it does still stimulate your brain. This is especially true if you fall asleep stressed out about the items. Declutter your bedroom and remove any “projects”- things you need to work on, like folding clothes or checking email- to another room before trying to sleep.

Decluttering can be fun if you go into it with a positive attitude. Focus on the outcomes and start small.

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