How to Drive Safely in Wet Weather

Connect Healthy Tips How to Drive Safely in Wet Weather

Every day provides different weather conditions, and sometimes wet weather can cause problems while driving. However, there are some smart things you can do to drive safely in wet weather to help prevent having a rain-induced traffic incident.

Drive Safely: Pay Attention

It’s easy to go into mental auto-pilot mode while driving because it’s probably something you do a lot of. It might even be where you get some of your thinking done. However, when it’s raining, it’s especially important that you pay even more attention to your surroundings. To drive safely in wet weather, turn down the radio, sit up straight, and make smart decisions based on what’s going on around you.

Be Prepared

If you notice rain in the forecast, make sure your windows are clean and all your lights work. Visibility can be limited when it’s raining, so making sure your car is set up for clear vision is very important. Remember, it’s also the law that you turn your lights on when there is low visibility and anytime you use your wiper blades. Many cars now have automatic lights that come on in the rain. If your car has this setting, using it means you won’t have to remember to turn on the headlights — your car will do it for you.

Know When to Use Extra Caution

If you normally look twice before merging or changing lanes, look three times when it’s raining. Go a little slower than normal. If you see a large puddle in front of you, slow down and drive through it carefully. Beware of hydroplaning. If you feel your car start to drift, let your foot off the gas until you feel your tires get traction again.

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