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Childbirth Education Classes

Birthing classes are an essential part of a good pregnancy experience. The classes will not only teach you techniques on how to deal with...

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NICU nurse stands over a premature baby in an incubator

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our specially trained NICU staff is on hand to attend deliveries in the hospital within minutes and provides family-centered, compassionate care to the...

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Regional Perinatal Center

We care for the highest-risk pregnancies, provide specialized equipment and high-risk transportation. Regional Perinatal Centers provide a statewide system of high-risk maternal and...

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From the private room NICU to 24/7 specialists and from the routine to the unique, The University of Tennessee Medical Center is committed to giving new moms and babies exceptional care.

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UT Medical Center's Your Birth Story- Dr. Fortner

Uploaded by UT Medical Center on 2016-10-03.

Birth Stories

Kate's Story

Kate did her homework when she was deciding where to have her baby. She wanted immediate access to specialists and the NICU if she needed them.

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Janetta's Story

Personal, authentic conversations with her physician gave Janetta comfort when deciding to become pregnant after turning 35.

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Kristen's Story

The medical center was uniquely prepared to care for Kristen when her water broke at 22 weeks.

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Lauren's Story

When an ultrasound uncovered complications at 20 weeks, physicians acted swiftly to provide the specialized care needed to deliver Lauren’s twins safely.

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Morgan's Story

The staff provided custom care to Morgan by helping her understand the options she and her husband had during labor.

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Rosalynn's Story

The Private Twin Room in the NICU allowed Rosalynn and her family to feel at home and relax during the babies’ first days.

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Whitney's Story

Having the NICU down the hall from Labor & Delivery was a huge comfort and convenience to Whitney and her husband.

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