Deciding to Become Pregnant

Janetta had heard that having a baby after turning 35 carried certain risks. She and her husband needed to understand those risks more completely before making such an important decision for their family. Janetta brought up the topic to her physician at her next visit and after long, personal discussions decided to have a baby.

“My doctor immediately put things down and settled in and let me know that is was okay to sit and have a conversation in her office that day. We talked pros and cons. And as a professional woman, she understood my concerns about wanting to forward my career, but also wanting to start a family. She talked to me like a person. And I really felt like I was talking to a friend. Maybe a more knowledgeable, experienced friend.”

The Role of Specialists

Because of her age, Janetta was referred to high-risk specialists for testing. The University of Tennessee Medical Center monitors for high-risk pregnancies by ultrasound and electronic fetal monitoring tests. Through more frequent prenatal care and improved patient education, potential problems can be prevented or made less severe. Janetta says that these specialists conducted sensitive tests that told her everything she needed to know about her pregnancy and prepared her for any problems that could arise through her pregnancy.

“Everyone did a great job of explaining what was going on and what they were looking for, what I could expect. They were very professional and kind, and I felt very cared for by the doctors and nurses there.”

Janetta’s Delivery

Janetta’s due date had passed and the baby showed no sign of coming soon. Janetta’s physicians recommended she schedule an induction. After being induced, labor was around 22 hours until it was time to deliver. The nurse told Janetta that it would probably be around two or three more hours until birth, but 20 minutes later Eleanor showed up.

“When Eleanor came into the world, I was really shocked. She had been my companion for 10 months. My husband and I high-fived. We couldn’t believe that it happened so fast. The nurses were excited about her birth and made it seem like she was the only baby born that day.”