Research Intensive

As an educator, being well informed and knowledgeable is part of Kate’s career. When she and her husband found out they were pregnant, it was natural for her to conduct thorough research on the birthing options in the Knoxville area. After learning all about types of labor and delivery rooms, reviewing all of the patient statistics and seeing the unique facilities for herself, Kate and her husband decided to tell their birth story at The University of Tennessee Medical Center.

There If You Need It

The University of Tennessee Medical Center is home to the only Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery in the region, which means the facility and staff are capable of caring for the smallest and sickest of newborn babies. The NICU is located on the same floor and down the hall from normal labor and delivery rooms. The proximity of the NICU was a major factor in their decision to choose UT Medical Center.

“Obviously I didn’t want to use the NICU if I didn’t have to, but the thought of my baby being through double doors and not a life flight away really made me feel good,” says Kate.

Well Prepared

Kate and her husband took several childbirth classes to prepare them for their pregnancy and childbirth experience. She says the classes gave her comfort and confidence during her labor by helping answer all the “what ifs.”

Kate says, “There are some choices you have to make in the labor and delivery room. I’m a planner, and I like when things go according to plan. But I like to have my research done and being as knowledgeable as possible. So for me it felt good to take those classes and take that time to really think before faced with a stressful situation.”

A Smooth Delivery

Kate describes her labor and delivery as an easy and smooth experience, all things said and done. At 40 weeks, Kate’s baby was low on the length percentile and her physicians recommended that she be induced. Early one morning after kissing their dogs goodbye, Kate and her husband drove to the medical center to welcome their child to the world.

The day went mostly according to plan until the baby’s heart rate starting going down with every contraction. The physicians and nurses watched extremely closely and were able to get the baby’s heart rate back up and delivered Alice safe and sound. Kate says that she was about 30 minutes away from needing a C-section. While that wasn’t originally part of her birth plan, she recognized that she was in good hands.

After a 22-hour labor, Alice came into this world and was “6 pounds and 7 ounces of perfection,” says Kate.