With pioneering techniques that require small incisions and little down time, patients can plan their back surgeries without planning their lives around them.

Some of the spine procedures offered by the Comprehensive Spine Center include the following.

Micro-discectomy removes the portion of your ruptured disc pinching one or more spinal nerve roots.

Laminectomy will remove a part of the spinal canal’s bony covering.

Spinal fusion uses a surgical navigation system with 3-D computerized images and techniques to join two bones in the spine using tiny rods and screws to stabilize the spine

Kyphoplasty stabilizes a vertebral compression fracture often caused by osteoporosis. It’s done as an outpatient service. It treats spine compressions due to fractures or osteoporosis and requires only two needle-size incisions.

What Are The Benefits?

Patients have shorter hospital stays, minimal scarring, less recovery time, reduced pain, reduced risk of infection, reduced costs, fewer complications and fewer side effects all resulting in a quick return to daily activities.

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