The Cancer Institute Hosts Moonshot Summit

On June 29th, physicians, researchers and the community came together at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in support of the The White House’s Cancer Moonshot Summit.

The Moonshot Summit, initiated by Vice President Joe Biden, hoped to open the dialogue among attendees to encourage collaborations for accelerating the pace of progress in cancer research, prevention, treatment, and care. Furthermore, Vice President Biden hopes to break down the barriers that keep scientists from working together across institutions and envisions having national repositories for stored data. 

The physicians and researchers at the University of Tennessee Medical Center shared information on the research ongoing at the Center and discussed how they could contribute and support the initiative.

"With as fast as technology has happened, there are pockets where we need to share information, big data information, so it's an ongoing effort being fought individually, in cancer centers, and this really is to break down the silos that exist and let us communicate and drive towards the common goal which is curing cancer," said Dr. Jim Lewis, a UT surgical oncologist.