New Telephone Numbers at UT Medical Center

In an effort to keep up with advances in technology as well as increased growth, The University of Tennessee Medical Center is getting a new telephone prefix number. The new prefix means all the numbers at the medical center will now begin with 305 instead of the previously used 544 number.


So if you’re used to dialing 544.9000 to reach the main operator at the medical center, you’ll now dial 305.9000. The last four digits of all medical center phone numbers remain the same. The new 305 prefix is effective immediately while the 544 prefix will still work through the end of March.


“While all medical center departments are adopting the new 305 prefix, a handful of private physician offices located within the medical center decided to keep their old prefix,” explained Harry Watson, vice president of facility operations at UT Medical Center. “We’re asking everyone to check with their private physician about their phone numbers. We also encourage everyone to begin using the new 305 prefix right away when calling the medical center to be sure all changes are properly functioning.”


Watson says anyone experiencing a problem when dialing the 305 prefix may call the Office of Facility Operations at 865.305.9552 or 865.544.9552 before the end of March so all concerns may be addressed as quickly as possible.


“Ultimately, we believe our switch to the 305 prefix and the upgraded technology we’re implementing during this switch will help to enhance the telephone customer service for everyone,” Watson said. “This will help us to smoothly and efficiently serve our patients and their families for many years to come.”