For Your Safety

UT Medical Center is concerned about your health and safety. With that in mind, patients need to follow the instructions and good advice of their doctor and all patients and visitors need to follow the hospital’s safety rules.

Safety in Patient Rooms

Any time, day or night, patients should use the nurse call system for assistance rather than attempting some action that may result in an accidental strain or fall. Patients should use caution when getting in and out of bed. If you feel weak, do not try to get out of bed and go to the bathroom unassisted. Use the nurse call system, and someone will come to help you. Side rails on beds often are necessary for a patient's protection. You should ask for help instead of trying to lower the rails.

Cellular Telephones

Cellular telephones can pose a hazard to patients, especially those in special care units who are using certain types of medical equipment, because cellular telephones can interfere with the operation of medical devices. Cellular telephone use only is permitted in the main lobby or outside the building.

Personal Electric Equipment

We ask that patients leave all personal electrical equipment such as electric hair dryers, shavers and hair setting equipment at home. Certain exceptions may be made by checking with the nurse. The nurse will contact the hospital’s safety officer for review of the exception request.

Staff Identification

All hospital employees are required to wear photo identification badges that provide their name, title and department.

No Smoking Facility

UT Medical Center maintains a smoke-free / tobacco-free environment for the health, safety and comfort of its patients, visitors and staff. There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the medical center campus. This tobacco ban applies to all patients, families and visitors both inside and on the grounds of the hospital.

Fire Drills

Periodic fire drills are conducted as a precaution should the need arise. During a fire drill, a staff member will close your door, while other doors will close automatically.


Security officers are available 24 hours a day at UT Medical Center and routinely patrol the campus. If you need a late night escort to your vehicle or need to check on lost and found, please contact the Security Office at 305.9540.


Please do not leave cash, purses, wallets, jewelry and other valuables unattended in a patient’s room or waiting area. All personal belongings including eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures are the responsibility of the patient/family.