Video Chat for Patients

Having the ability to speak with a loved one face-to-face can lift the spirits of a patient. Family members are often unable to visit a loved one everyday, especially if they are out of town. While that may not have a major effect on the caregivers, for the person that is in the hospital, it can have a major impact on their recovery. UT Medical Center will be offering a service for inpatients to video chat with family and friends via Google Video chat.

What: Video Conferencing for Inpatients to Communicate with Families and Friends

Who: All Inpatients except isolation or negative pressure patients

How: Audio Visual will be facilitating this service via a laptop or handheld device via Google Video Chat technology.

Request services via your TV's Request Services alert or call Audio Visual 865-305-9454, Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30 p.m. For additional questions, please call Audiovisual services at 305-9454.