UT Medical Center Patient Services

The programs and information below are designed to educate our patients and families and support their emotional and social well-being.

Home Care

Home care provides specialized healthcare services and activities in the comfort of a patient’s own home from trained medical professionals working under the direct supervision of the patient’s physician.

Outpatient / Laboratory Services

When your physician orders outpatient laboratory work, you may go to the outpatient laboratory at the University of Tennessee (UT) Medical Center where blood or other samples can be collected.

Pastoral Care

The Department of Pastoral Care provides spiritual and emotional care for patients, families, staff and visitors at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.


The Department of Pharmacy operates to ensure positive drug therapy outcomes for its patients and contribute to achieving the objectives of the medical center.

Hospice Care

Hospice is a form of compassionate and quality care for people facing a life-limiting illness or injury. Hospice affirms life and looks at dying as a normal process.

The After-Hours Clinic

The after-hours care physicians at The University of Tennessee Medical Center know that your busy schedule can sometimes make it hard to get to the doctor. These walk-in clinics now offer after-hours care medical services to established and new patients in the Knoxville walk-in clinics.