Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

The University of Tennessee Medical Center is a 600+ bed research/academic medical center located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The University of Tennessee Medical Center is managed by University Health System and is the region's leading medical center offering six Centers of Excellence, focusing on: Brain & Spine, Cancer, Emergency & Trauma, Heart Lung Vascular, Orthopaedics, Women & Infants

The University of Tennessee’s Graduate School of Medicine is also on The University of Tennessee Medical Center campus with approximately 200 medical, surgical, and pharmacy residents and medical students. Our Clinical Pastoral Education students and residents work closely with our physician residents as part of a patient-centered multidisciplinary team. The staff chaplains in the Department of Pastoral Care serve as faculty advisors for all CPE students and residents.

Our CPE programs are accredited by:

Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
One West Court Square, Suite 325
Decatur, GA 30030 

General Information

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a crucial part of professional ministry education. Our programs of CPE are accredited with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. and the U.S. Department of Education to offer post-graduate theological education.

CPE is theological education, not chaplain training. Although you function in the role of a chaplain in your service to the hospital, CPE is really about understanding yourself and your theology more clearly.

Completing CPE does not certify anyone to be a chaplain, but it is the education that one needs to pursue professional chaplain certification.

Our Center offers three programs of CPE: a 12-month, full-time residency, an 11-week Level 1 Summer Intensive Unit, and an 18-week Level 1 Extended Unit. Successful completion of at least one unit of Level 1 CPE is a prerequisite before applying for the 12-month residency. One unit of CPE is 400 hours of supervised ministry education. Of this, 100 hours will be spent in seminars and didactic presentation, and the remaining 300 hours spent in patient visitation and ministry practice.

Facts at a Glance

  • Application deadline for 2018 Summer Intensive is March 31, 2018
  • A rolling application process for the Resident program
  • Resident stipend is $28,000 per year
  • Residents are eligible for full medical, dental and vision insurance

CPE Programs

Extended Program

Our next Level 1 CPE will begin in the fall of 2018. Visit to get more information about CPE and to download an application. After we have received your application and $35 application fee, our Interview and Selection Committee will review your application and you will be notified if you have been accepted or declined for an on-campus interview. If you are selected for an on-campus interview, final acceptance into the program will be determined by a personal interview and an HR background check and drug screening. Tuition for the Extended Unit is $700.00.

Summer Intensive Program

The Summer Intensive Intern program is an 11-week full time program. The program begins May 29, 2018, and concludes August 10, 2018. The program runs Mondays-Fridays 8:00a.m.-4:30p.m. plus some overnight and weekend on-call coverage. Application for the Summer Intensive Intern program is the same as for the Extended Program above. Tuition for the Summer Intensive Unit is $700.00. 

Residency Program

After completing one or more units of Level 1 CPE, individuals are eligible to apply for the 12-month resident program. The Resident program is from August 21, 2017, through August 31 2018. Our Resident program is a four-unit residency, and those positions receive a stipend. The Resident program is a full-time educational experience that includes overnight and weekend on-call responsibility. Applications for the Residency program are received and reviewed on a rolling application format, but we prefer to have all the Resident positions filled by early June. A Master of Divinity is required for our residency program. Resident stipends are $28,000 per year and tuition for the program is waived. Residents are eligible for medical, vision and dental insurance at the employee rate. Applications are now being reviewed for our 2017-2018 residency program.

Fees and Tuition

  • $35.00 non-refundable application fee for all programs. The application fee should accompany the application.
  • $700.00 tuition is charged for the Extended and Summer Intensive programs.
  • Tuition is waived for the Residency program.

Contact Information

Rev. Randy R. Shoun, M. Div., ACPE Certified Clinical Educator
Director of Clinical Pastoral Education

The University of Tennessee Medical Center/Knoxville
1924 Alcoa Highway
Knoxville, TN 37920

Coy T. Callicott, M. Div., BCC, ACPE Certified Clinical Educator
Clinical Educator of Clinical Pastoral Education

The University of Tennessee Medical Center/Knoxville
1924 Alcoa Highway
Knoxville, TN  37920