Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathologists are committed to assisting individuals achieve optimal communication and swallowing function.  Evaluation and treatment of speech, language, cognitive, voice and swallowing disorders are provided for inpatients of any age and for outpatient adults at UT Medical Center.  Depending on the individual’s level of impairment, emphasis may be on restoring function or on developing compensatory strategies.

UT Medical Center is a Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center.  Communication and swallowing services are provided for all patients admitted with stroke within 24 hours of admission.  Referrals are also received through the medical center's Level I Trauma Center and other special care units.  Infants in the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery who experience difficulty with feeding and swallowing are referred to SLP Services for assistance.  Other communication or swallowing disorders related to debilitating illnesses, medical or surgical events may be referred by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner for evaluation and treatment.


  • LSVT LOUD® treatment for patients with Parkinson’s Disease to improve speech intelligibility and communication
  • Speech, language, cognitive, voice and swallowing therapy for disorders related to medical or surgical events including stroke, trauma, head/neck cancer, respiratory conditions and progressive neurological diseases
  • Evaluation and treatment of phonatory (voice) or respiratory (breathing) dysfunction utilizing videostroboscopy via rigid endoscopy and flexible nasendoscopy
  • Placement of speaking valves for patients following tracheostomy
  • Bedside swallowing evaluations, Modified barium swallow (MBS) studies and Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation ofSwallowing (FEES)
  • Oral-motor, feeding, swallowing and/or communication evaluations for hospitalized infants and pediatrics by the SLP on the pediatric therapy team
  • Provision of services for patients seen in the MDA/ALS Clinic in the Cole Neuroscience Center

Additional information   Click on the links below for further information provided by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).


  • Megan Barnes, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Sandra Cogburn, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Jennifer Hughes, MCD, CCC-SLP
  • Katherine Montuori, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Lauren Roth, MA, CCC-SLP 
  • Angie Wilcox, MA, CCC-SLP 
  • Kasey Woody, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Sarah Brewer, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Thomas Besade, MM, MS, CF-SLP
  • Mandie Oslund, MS, CF-SLP
  • Pam Powell, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathology graduate students from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center and externs from other graduate programs may participate in the provision of services under the supervision of staff as a part of their professional education.

Outpatient services are provided on 5 North. For further information about services or to schedule an appointment,  please call 865-305-9151.  Referrals may be faxed to 865-305-6884.