Volunteer Research Group

Want to participate in a clinical trial?

To see if you might qualify for one of our currently enrolling studies or future studies, please visit the VRG and NOCCR website and fill out a participation form, or give us a call.

Volunteer Research Group

NOCCR and Volunteer Research Group (VRG) are privately owned multispecialty clinical research groups dedicated to advancing medicine by evaluating investigational drugs and devices. In the 25-year history of the company, more than 1,500 clinical trials have been conducted.

NOCCR is primarily a 52-bed Phase I unit particularly well-suited for conducting First-In-Man trials as it is situated within the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Volunteer Research Group primarily is focused on conducting later phase studies in a broad array of medical specialties. Both are staffed with dedicated clinical research professionals who are focused on delivering quality care and data.


Since 2005, NOCCR has been headquartered at The University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville (North Tower on the 4th floor). VRG offers support to physicians who desire to participate in clinical trials and works directly withUniversity Health System/ UT Medical Center physicians. VRG has completed over 150 clinical trials and, in addition works directly with University Health System/ UT Medical Center Office of Clinical Trials serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors.


What is a clinical research study?

A clinical research study or clinical trial, is a carefully designed study that is done with individuals who volunteer to receive investigational and/or approved drugs or devices for the treatment and research of medical conditions or diseases.

How do I volunteer for a research study?

Each study or protocol is written with a predetermined group of inclusion and exclusion criteria. For example, if we were conducting a study for a flu vaccine, the volunteer would have to meet certain requirements to qualify for enrollment in the study. The volunteer can find out all the information necessary by visiting the NOCCR / VRG website or by calling a qualified staff member at 865.305.9356.

What are the benefits of participating in a clinical trial?

You can expect high quality study-related medical care at no cost to you while assisting with the advancement of medical science. In many cases, you may be getting drugs or treatment that will not be available to the general public for a number of years.

Should I participate in a clinical trial?

People volunteer to participate in a clinical trial for a number of reasons. You may get involved because you simply want to help in the advancement of medical science. Some people participate because they are suffering from a disease when a viable treatment does not presently exist. Others participate because of inadequate health insurance.