Worksite Wellness 

The University of Tennessee Medical Center offers various health and wellness services for workplaces and community organiations throughout East Tennessee. These services are brought to you by the Network Development department. 

Are you faced with increasing health insurance premiums year after year? Can you increase your employee satisfaction? Does your overall workplace culture need to be infused with positivity?

Did you know that incorporating a worksite wellness program into your benefit structure may help your bottom line!

Our  workplace wellness program seeks to fulfill our mission everyday by educating our community about living a healthy life.

The health of employees is becoming more and more important to the success of businesses today. While you are experts in what you do, we are experts in health promotion and prevention. Our dedicated and experienced wellness team will work with you to increase the health and productivity of your workforce, thus increasing you’re your bottom line.

What does our corporate partners for health program offer?
  • Worksite Wellness Program Development and Consultation
  • Flu Shot Clinics
  • Health Education Programs
  • Health Fair Participation/Coordination
  • Health Coaching
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Phlebotomy (Lab Screenings)
  • Cancer Specific Screenings
  • Tobacco Cessation Programs

Who We Are

Our team of professionals has over 30 years of combined wellness experience. We are comprised of health educators, fitness specialists, registered dieticians, and nurses. We also have the benefit of working with a host of other medical professionals within our system including specialists to support your wellness program. Above all, each of our staff has a passion for wellness and health promotion.

Flexible and Affordable

We know that running a successful business is your first priority, and keeping your employees at work is critical to that success.  We work behind the scenes with your employees to help them achieve their healthiest.  We are a perfect compliment or addition to programs that are already in place, or we can help you design a wellness program from scratch.

Your company is unique, just like your wellness program should be. We customize and tailor wellness programming to fit your company culture.

How can I bring wellness services to my workplace?

For more information about our wellness services email, call 305-9308. For wellness requests simply complete the online request form.

  • Worksite Wellness Programs
  • Flu Shot Clinics
  • Health Education Programs
  • Health Fair Participation/Coordination
  • Health Coaching
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Phlebotomy (Lab Screening)
  • Cancer Specific Screenings

Our Network Development team helps community businesses learn to manage or reduce healthcare costs while helping employees make better health decisions. This, and the fact that we were voted as "Fit-Friendly" for promoting physical activity and health in the workplace by the American Heart Association, is all part of our effort to build a healthier and happier community.

An investment in workplace wellness pays long-term dividends. Our comprehensive Workplace Wellness Program's health screenings, educational seminars and counseling provide your employees with the tools they need to make positive changes to their health. By providing this beneficial program to your employees, you'll be cultivating a healthier, more productive workforce for years to come.

The benefits of our Corporate Wellness Program go straight to your bottom line:

  • Healthier employees
  • Fewer missed days of work
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased turnover
  • Lower health insurance premiums
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduced stress in the workplace
  • Creates an added recruitment benefit

For more information about bringing our Workplace Wellness Program to your company, call 704-878-4550 or email our wellness team.