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Kathleen S. Herbig

Overall experience: 4.9 / 66 reviews

November 10, 2023
I would recommend Dr. Herbig to any family member or friend. She is excellent.
September 13, 2023
Best experience I have ever had at a dr. office. I have already recommended to my dr. (surgeon).
August 24, 2023
I was very anxious about this appt. The doctor was reassuring, knowledgeable and affirming.
August 24, 2023
Dr. Herbig was very friendly, patient, smart and respectful. She listened to all my concerns. Would recommend her to anyone.
July 28, 2023
Dr Herbig is always quite straightforward, gives me all my options and explains them thoroughly. I ask a LOT of questions and she always patiently listens, and answers clearly and thoughtfully.
July 19, 2023
I have always felt like I have received the very best care by this provider and her staff.
July 15, 2023
I am very satisfied with the care I received and very thankful to have had such an exceptional surgeon
May 25, 2023
Dr. Lloyd is very down-to-earth, so easy to talk to. Gives me all the information I need, never rushes. Love her.
May 25, 2023
Dr. Herbig was phenomenal - very professional, pleasant and answered all my questions, quickly & efficiently - have already recommended her twice!
April 28, 2023
I love Dr. Herbig!!
April 21, 2023
We discussed everything that would be done, operation and afterwards.
March 1, 2023
I have an amazing experience with every health professional in Dr. Herbig's office.
February 23, 2023
Dr. was the best. Informative, kind, very knowledgeable, explained process & advised me of possible risks & timeline. Just very thorough and LOVED HER!
February 3, 2023
During the visit she took all the time to explain to us all the options that were available and she explained to us all the good and bad possibilities that could arise.
January 18, 2023
Highly impressed!
January 3, 2023
Dr. Herbig provided answers to all my questions and presented additional information as needed. She was professional while making me feel respected & cared for. I was able to trust her.