Make An Appointment

At Healthcare Coordination, our friendly team members will help you find exceptional health care in minutes. Whether you need to find a primary care provider or make an appointment, we’ll make sure you get the service you need. 

Make an Appointment, Quickly and Easily

We’re ready to help you:

  • Find the right doctor for you
  • Make an appointment with one or more doctors (this service is provided for new patients only)
  • Give you helpful information, like doctors’ locations and offices hours, and which doctors are accepting new patients

Simply contact Healthcare Coordination, and we’ll help you find a new primary care doctor or specialist.

To schedule appointments with your current physician, they request that you call their office directly to schedule those appointments. That way they can determine the urgency of your condition and help you get the right treatment.

Learn More About Our Providers

From primary care physicians to Regional Health Centers, UT Medical center has you covered. Learn more about our providers and locations.