Onsite Amenities & Dining Options

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Amenities & Dining Options

The University of Tennessee Medical Center offers our visitors many on-site amenities. Our goal is to make your stay more comfortable.

Patient Representative

If you have a problem during your stay that can’t be resolved to your satisfaction through your nurse, please ask to speak with the nurse manager on the unit. You can also contact the patient representative at 865-305-9804. Learn more about our commitment to patient satisfaction.

Coffee Shops

For a quiet place to relax and refuel, visit one of our visitors’ favorite on-site amenities: our coffee shops.

Java Spice Cafe – Cancer Institute

Building F, first floor, main registration area; Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-2 pm

Daily Grind

Main hospital lobby, next to the Gift Shop; daily, 6 am-3 am

Garden View Eatery Cafeteria

The Garden View Eatery cafeteria is located just off the main lobby. This 600-seat dining room offers a wide selection of freshly prepared foods. We offer a full line of breakfast items, including bagels, pastries, and fresh fruit. Lunch and dinner choices include many entrees and vegetables. You’ll find a salad bar; fast food-type items such as hamburgers, sandwiches and pizza; beverages; and desserts.

These delicious recipes have less fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium.

We are open from from 6 am to 2 am daily. The restaurant accepts cash, Visa and MasterCard. We don’t accept checks.

Please let the staff know if you have any food sensitivities.

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

An ATM is located on the first floor in the main hospital building next to the cafeteria entrance.


You are invited to send a card to your friend or family member in the hospital at the following address.

Patient’s name (Please use Mrs. Ann Jones, not Mrs. Frank Jones)
Room Number or Special Care Unit (if you know it)
UT Medical Center
1924 Alcoa Highway
Knoxville, TN  37920-6999


The Absher Chapel is located across from the Gift Shop. The chaplains are available to minister to the needs of patients and their families, regardless of religious affiliation. A chaplain is on call at all times. Brief interfaith services are offered Sundays at 7:15 am and 9 am and weekdays at 8 am and noon.


Flowers may be purchased in the Gift Shop in the main lobby or online. You also may have them sent from a local florist. Flowers will be delivered to patient rooms, but they are not permitted in special care units.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is located on the first floor in the main hospital building. It offers a wide variety of on-site amenities, such as gift items, personal and baby care items, reading materials, cards, flowers, candy and more.

Shop hours:

Monday-Friday, 7 am-7 pm
Saturday, 10 am-5 pm
Sunday, 1 pm-5 pm

Health Information Center

The Health Information Center is located within the medical center’s main lobby, providing patients, family members and the community. The center offers an extensive health library, digital and print resources, walk-in assistance and help with research on specific health conditions—all free of charge.

Meditation Garden

Located off of the main hallway next to the Garden View Eatery the Mediation Garden is a quiet place to relax and reflect.

Public Telephones

Public telephones can be found at many locations throughout the facility.

  • Lobby Near Garden View Eatery
  • Wood Auditorium
  • Radiology Waiting Room
  • Boling Pavilion Lobby
  • Boling Pavilion Outside
  • Emergency Department
  • Building C – 1st Floor
  • 5E – Hallway
  • 6E – Hallway
  • 7E – Hallway
  • 10E – Hallway
  • 3S – Lobby
  • 6S – Hallway
  • 7S – Hallway
  • 3W – Hallway
  • 4W – Hallway
  • 6W – Lobby
  • 6W – Hallway

Patient rooms are equipped with telephones. The last three digits of the telephone number are the same as the patient’s room number. Family and friends may call by dialing 865-305-8 plus the last three digits of the room number. Telephones in patient rooms are turned off from 10:30 pm to 7 am so patients can rest. Patients can make outgoing calls.


Rest rooms are located in the main lobby near the Information Desk, at the end of each patient floor and adjacent to most public waiting lounges and areas.

Smoking and Tobacco Use

The University of Tennessee Medical Center maintains a smoke- and tobacco-free environment for the health, safety and comfort of its patients, visitors and staff. There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the medical center campus. This tobacco ban applies to all staff, patients, families and visitors, both inside and on the grounds of the hospital.

TDD/TTY Devices

TDD/TTY telecommunications devices for the deaf are available upon request. Please ask the nurse to contact Telecommunications if one is needed for a patient’s room. TDD/TTY devices are installed at the Emergency Department and hospital switchboard for patient convenience.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located throughout the hospital. They are available in the following areas:

  • Emergency Department in the hallway behind the North Pavilion elevators
  • Outside the Critical Care Lounge
  • Medical Building B next to the first-floor elevators
  • On the ground floor entrance to the public parking garage
  • Boling Pavilion on floors 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12
  • Heart Lung Vascular Institute on the first floor

Waiting Lounge — Surgery

While a family member is in surgery, one or two family members may wait in the Surgery Waiting Lounge located on 2 Boling Pavilion until patients are out of the recovery room. If more than two family members are waiting, additional seating is available in the first floor lobby near a telephone. A Hospital Volunteer will help keep you informed of the surgery’s progress.

Family members should remain in the Surgery Waiting Lounge until they have spoken with the surgeon, who will come to the lounge following surgery. Even after the surgery is completed, the patient will remain in the recovery room under observation and will not be immediately taken to the patient’s room. A nurse will let families know if there are unusual delays.

For more information on-site amenities, call the main number: 865-305-9000