Patient Portal

What information is available in the patient portal?

  • Test Results + Images
  • Provider Notes
  • Visit Summaries
  • COVID-19 Results + Vaccination Record
  • Patient Education

What else can I do through the patient portal?

  • Message Your Health Care Provider
    • You can send a secure electronic message directly to your provider’s office. If your provider’s office sends you a message through the portal, you will receive an email alerting you that there is a new message waiting for you.
  • Request Medication Refill
  • Manage Your Appointments
    • Request, Schedule or View Upcoming Appointments
  • Pay Your Medical Center Bill

How to Register

  1. To self-enroll in the portal online click here, then click sign-up
  2. Submit an online portal request
  3. Ask your physician's office or patient registration
  4. Call us at 865-305-9501 to request an invitation

*Parents/guardians of children under the age of 14 can now have access to the portal. Upon turning 14, patients (mature minors in the state of Tennessee) can then get their own access. 

  • Age 0-13: Patient cannot have their own Portal access, but may have proxies
  • Age 14-17: Patient can have their own Portal access, but no proxies
  • Age 18+: Patient can have their own Portal access + proxies

You will receive an email invitation from UT Medical Center. Follow the instructions in the email.

Download the HealtheLife App to access from your mobile device.

Apple | Android

Works with Apple Health

Connect to Your Health Management App(s)

HealtheLife offers the ability for you to securely connect to your mobile health app(s). Email with questions.

Watch the tutorial video below to connect your UT Medical Center HealtheLife Portal and Apple Health app on your iPhone.