NewsFebruary 2 2022

Radiation Oncology Achieves Four-Year Accreditation

Radiation Oncology team with accreditation certificate

The University of Tennessee Medical Center is proud to announce that the Radiation Oncology program in the Cancer Institute has been accredited by the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) for APEx- Accreditation Program for Excellence. APEx is an accreditation program developed by ASTRO that validates a radiation oncology facility’s excellence in delivering high quality patient care.

Pursuing external validation through accreditation is the gold standard in evaluating a programs’ approach to safe, high-quality treatment. Accreditation programs in radiation oncology provide a framework for ensuring that a program meets the highest safety and quality standards and reflects back to patients, staff and the community that those standards being achieved. The APEx accreditation is a voluntary and rigorous multistep process during which the program demonstrates its safety and quality processes and its focus on patient-centered care through communication, coordinated treatments and strong patient engagement. The APEx accreditation process includes a facility self-assessment as well as a comprehensive, onsite facility review by a radiation oncologist and a medical physicist.

“Apex accreditation is the highest, most rigorous standard of accreditation in Radiation Oncology,” says Robert Miller, MD, Medical Director of the Radiation Oncology program at UT Medical Center. “Our accreditation reflects the dedication and hard work of our staff who commit to delivering quality radiotherapy for every patient, every day.”

The Radiation Oncology program in the Cancer Institute at UT Medical Center offers a variety of radiation oncology treatment options from standard techniques to leading-edge therapies. The Radiation Oncology team offers state-of-the-art planning and treatment for cancer including external beam, stereotactic radiosurgery, and brachytherapy. The Radiation Oncologists each specialize in treating specific types of cancer, offering specialized knowledge to patients so that they receive the best possible outcome for their specific cancer and situation. Learn more about the Radiation Oncology program at UT Medical Center at this link.

To date, only 200 U.S. facilities nationwide have earned APEx accreditation. Learn more about APEx at