The Pat Summitt Clinic: Clinic Design

The Pat Summitt Clinic: Clinic Design

The Pat Summitt Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinical facility, designed to aid in the comfort and treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

The environmental features of the clinic are designed to meet the physical, social and cultural needs of patients in all stages of Alzheimer’s. Safety is the primary concern for all patients within the suite and there is control of any unauthorized exiting.

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Clinic Design
Great care was taken to select color, texture and patterns of interior finishes in consideration for the specific needs for Alzheimer’s patients:

  • The flooring has a seamless transition between finishes and color in order to minimize sharp color contrasts and busy patterns.
  • The custom lighting throughout creates levels of light necessary in aiding a positive environment for patients.
  • The hallways provide a visual component at each exam door for wayfinding as well as handrails for safety.
  • The exam rooms are spacious, bright and organized to maintain the provider’s focus on the patient.

In addition, the prevention of sound was instrumental in the design decisions not only for patient privacy but also to minimize any negative acoustic stimulation. The finishes and treatments to the room have been hand selected to make the patient feel as if they are not in an institutional environment.

The Peyton & Ashley Manning Lobby
The lobby is comfortable and inviting while also providing patient privacy during registration. The reception area provides a variety of seating arrangements for choices of comfort and include residential style furniture and cutting edge interior finishes. Inspirational images of Pat Summitt are located in the lobby as well as throughout the clinic to show her strength and her bravery, not only of her amazing sports legacy, but most importantly for her mission to make a difference with this disease. Exterior windows provide daylighting for the patients to find their place in the day, but also has soft, sheer window treatments to control any excess glare. An aquarium is located in the center of the room to create a visually esthetic and acoustically soothing environment. A hospitality station is provided with complimentary water, coffee and tea.

Exam Suites
The exam suites are spacious, bright and organized to maintain the provider’s focus on the patient. All of the exam suites are designed with the Alzheimer’s patient in mind and are equipped with the latest technology for accurate electronic documentation and ability for the provider to review results with the patient and family.

Each suite has adjustable lighting and music therapy features to create a calming environment while waiting for evaluation. Suites are equipped with the latest industry standard patient comfort seating. The patient chair provides a lower height than standard exam tables which means that patients can with minimal assistance, helping them maintain safety, independence and dignity.

Consultation Suites
Three consultation suites are designed as collaborative spaces where the medical team, patient and family can meet together to determine an individualized care plan. Each suite is equipped with residential style seating and a sliding door for privacy.

The Natalie and Jim Haslam Conference Room
The Conference Room hosts a large conference table and a state of the art Audio/Video suite. The space can be used for multidisciplinary case reviews, team member education classes, caregiver classes and support groups. A partition door can be removed between the conference room and the break room to accommodate more team members. Pat Summitt is recognized in several images and tributes within the space.